Utah Gold Placer Map

  See the map below for places to find GOLD in Utah.

What a great OUDOOR adventure!

Listed below are actual locations that I have found gold–not the vague locations of some rumored gold deposits.  This map is taken directly from the book:
A Guide to Gold Panning in Utah (Second edition)

If it is on the list, GOLD was found there.

  Final State Map crop 2  

Map Key:

1) Suzanna Canyon; 2) Century Hollow; 3) Willard Canyon; 4) Bingham Canyon; 5) American Fork Canyon; 6) Woodside Gulch; 7) Green River; 8) Lucy L Gulch; 9) Gold Hill Wash; 10) Miner’s Canyon; 11) Clifton/Rodenhouse Wash; 12) Fifteen-Mile Creek; 13) Great Western Hollow; 14) Murphy Gulch; 15) Bates Gulch; 16) Scotia Gulch; 17) East Scotia Canyon; 18) Ibex Canyon; 19) Copperhead Canyon; 20) Copper Canyon; 21) Amasa Valley (and North Canyon); 22) Miller Canyon; 23) Cave Canyon; 24) Lincoln Gulch; 25) Fortuna Canyon; 26) Indian Creek; 27) Sheeprock Canyon; 28) Fish Creek; 29) Little Sevier Creek; 30) Mill Creek; 31) Clear Creek; 32) Revenue Gulch; 33) California Gulch; 34) Pine Creek/Bullion Canyon; 35) Crescent Creek; 36) Straight Creek; 37) Colorado River; 38) Dolores River; 39) Placer Creek (and Miners Basin); 40) Bald Mesa; 41) Wilson Mesa; 42) Johnson Creek; 43) Recapture Creek; 44) Cottonwood Wash; 45) Brushy Basin Wash; 46) Blanding Mesa; 47) Westwater Creek (and 3rd Reservoir); 48) San Juan River; 49) Beaver Dam Wash.


Base map courtesy of Pat online downloadable, portable atlas, 2016.

Pat is an online, downloadable, portable atlas that is in the public domain and free to use.




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A Guide to Gold Panning in Utah