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This page is composed of links to other stories of interest.  They may be gold mining, lost treasure, rock hounding, metal detecting or other stories of interest to which I do not have the rights.  These stories may also deal with government regulation or the financials gold or precious metals.  If I missed something important, send me a link and I can include it.


It looks like they are finally going to dig for the Nazi gold train that was rumored to have carried millions in gold and treasure–and discovered on ground penetrating radar in 2015.  Read about it at the Gold Prospectors website HERE:


A fantastic 500 year old treasure ship was just found off the coast of Namibia at a mining sight on the beach.  Read about it HERE:


Scott Harn and PLP / Minerals and Mining Council have put together a great presentation on the rights and powers of the Mining Districts, which have been long abandoned by the mining community.  They are suggesting that this is the only real way to empower the miners and regain our rights.  Please see the video HERE:


The worlds second largest diamond was just found in Africa.  Read about it HERE:


They just keep finding more treasure in Florida.  Another 4.5 million in gold coins has been recovered.  Read about it (or watch the video) HERE:–abc-news-topstories.html#


Another cache of Roman  coins was found in a British field by a pair of metal detectorists.  Read about the story HERE:


A family in Florida has found a Spanish treasure worth about $1 million dollars, including a rare Spanish Royal.  The story, and  short video can be found HERE:


Avi Guilbert is a financial anaylist and commodities trader that thinks gold is going to go to $25,000.  To find out why, read HERE:


They have the location of pre-historic placer gold mines in England, and even have estimates on how much gold was recovered (on average) by miners.  Read about it HERE:


The BLM is going after the oldest hardrock gold mine in Oregon.  Read about the story on the GPAA website HERE:

During WWII, a German U boat sunk a ship carrying 100 tonnes of silver coins from India that were to be used to help fund the war.  The treasure was recovered in 2013, but the story just released.  Read about it HERE:


I just saw a great story on the Lost Dutchman Mine.  You can see the story HERE: superstition-mountains-lost-dutchman-gold-mine_n  6835264.html?ncid=txtlnkusaolp00000592


This is an article on a proposed dredging ban in Oregon.  Please get involved in the fight there, as one day (probably soon) we will be fighting the same fight here.   Read about it HERE:



They just found a fantastic treasure of gold coins in Israel dating back to the 11th century.  Read about it HERE:


Another story on a great treasure find in Great Britain–this time, a hoard of Anglo-Saxon silver from about 1000 years ago.  Read about the treasure HERE:


Here is a great story about a Confederate treausure lost since the end of the Civil War.  This treasure constitutes much of the Confederate nations treasury, and would be worth a fortune today.  Read the story HERE:


Detectorist in England reveals the site of a 900 year old silver cache.  Read about it HERE:

Utah demands that the Federal government surrender the lands it promised to turn over to statehood when Utah was made a state in 1896.  Read about it HERE:


Metal Detectorist in Oregon has a very large find  Now he gets to deal with the government.  Read about it HERE:


The new target for up and coming mining companies is asteroids.  To learn more about the plans, read the article HERE:


A cool nugget (the Butte Nugget) was recently found in California, and it just came up for auction.   Read about it HERE:


An amazing find–A Viking treasure–was found by detectorists in Scottland.  Read the story HERE:


Bill Holter is upset with the price manipulation of gold and silver, sends an open letter to all mining companies that he has an interest in.  Read his letter HERE:

9/ 30/14

Scottish man spends year and a half panning gold to make a wedding ring.  Read the story HERE:

Amazing Roman cache found in Britain.  Read the story HERE:


There has been a huge win for mining in California.  Read all about it at the GPAA website HERE:


How would you like to find an old coin?  I mean a gold coin?  I mean a really old gold coin?  It just happened.  A diver in Bulgaria just found a com that is over 2,700 years old.  Read the story HERE:


Detectorist finds 300 year old gold ring in a farmers field.  Read the story HERE:


GATA has a great report on Goldcorp’s plans if the gold price goes lower.  You can read the report HERE:


A 214 ounce nugget, affectionately named the “Devils Ear” was recently found in Russia.  Read the Story Here:

8/28/14    Here is a story on the Dolan Gold mine, a new, start-up mine in Alaska.   Huge potential payoffs if they can get it going, but an up-hill environmental climb.  read the story HERE: jobs-and-fear-of-destruction

8/19/14    The Washington Times ran an interesting story about the environmental damage done by rouge/illegal miners in Peru.  Another reason the US government should be working to promote honest, ethical mining.   To read the story, click HERE:

8/19/14    The Utah Gold Prospectors Club newsletter may be found HERE:

8/17/14   There’s GOLD in them thare walls! For the story on the gold in the walls at the Perth Mint, click HERE:

Utah Stories recently ran a story titled “How to Make Money Gold Panning in Utah”.  It is a great little story. . .check it out HERE:

A Guide to Gold Panning in Utah