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Rocky Bar Town
An old photo of Rocky Bar from around the year 2000.


Mining Claims for sale (or lease) in Idaho



Utah Prospector and Rocky Mountain Ryan just made a visit to Rocky Bar to check out these claims.  You can see their video HERE:

Rocky Bar, Idaho

Rocky Bar Idaho was founded in 1863 after gold was found on the Feather River.  Soon prospectors found gold on Bear Creek, Red Warrior Creek, Steel Creek and Elk Creek.   Many of the small side creeks  in the area also contain gold.  Prospectors soon found the lode deposits, and Rocky Bar boomed, becoming the county seat.  Today, most of the lode mines are gone, but placer gold is still found in the area creeks.

Featherville and Pine are the closest town to Rocky Bar to the south, and you can swim in natural hot springs near Pine.  Atlanta is an historic gold town about 20 miles to the north east of Rocky Bar, on the middle fork of the Boise river, and hot springs can also be found along Boise.

Lucky Warrior Placer

Asking Price:  $3,000 or offer.  Lease option considered.  Approx. 39 Acres.

Looking upstream on the Lucky Warrior claim.   A perennial creek can be found in the bushes to the left of the road.

The Lucky Warrior placer claim is located to the south of Rocky Bar, Idaho on Red Warrior creek.  This claim is approximately 39 acres is size, and has a perennial creek running through the center of the claim.  The road to Rocky Bar also runs through the center of the claim, so there is good access.  There is also camping on a wide bend of the river.

A view of rock piles on a high bar on the Lucky Warrior placer. At times, virgin dirt has been found below these rock piles.

On this claim, gold can be found both in the creek as well as on high bars–and there are numerous high bar deposits on both sides of the creek.  The old high bars were typically worked by ground sluicing, and the old rock piles left behind are visible across the claim.  Occasionally, rich gold can be found when digging in the virgin dirt that was buried when these rock piles were started.

The gold here is typically small granules or chunks, similar to salt and sugar grains and, while not common, small pickers and rice grain sized nuggets have occasionally been found.

Of the three Rocky bar claims listed, this one has the best access and water.

Last Chance Placer

Asking Price: $1,500 or offer.  Lease option considered. Approx. 40 acres.

Standing at he bottom of the Last Chance claim, looking up the gulch. Forest service gate is locked.

The Last Chance Placer is in Wide West Gulch and sits across a narrow gulch.  The gulch has perennial water, though the flow rates are low outside of spring run-off.  By fall, the creek is only a trickle.  There is often enough water to run a small sluice during June.

Small high-bars can be found on the sides of the gulch, and small pockets of gold have been found here.  Some of the smaller secondary gulches in the area also have gold.  I do not know if the stream at the bottom of the gulley has been worked or not, though it will be difficult with the overburden, small amount of water and vegetation.


A very small perennial creek can be found in the bottom of the gulch, and a small high bar is visible in the left side of the photo.

The gold here is typically small granules or chunks, similar to salt and sugar grains and, while not common, small pickers and rice grain sized nuggets have occasionally been found.  A friend of mine also recently pulled out several grams in one day with a very small dry washer while helping me with assessment.

An access road does go up the claim making it an easy walk.  Their is a forest service road up the canyon, but the Forest Service has kept the gate locked since the early 2000’s.  Legally they must provide a key, but I don’t know what hoops they will require people to jump through before the provide one.

Riding Tree Placer

Asking Price:  $2,500 or offer.  Lease Option Considered.  Aprox. 50 Acres.

A forest service gate blocks the road up Chinaman’s Gulch at the bottom of the Riding Tree claim.

The Riding Tree Placer sits in Chinaman’s Gulch.  This is  the largest claim in the Rocky Bar group at approximately 50 acres, and has a perennial stream, though it is down to a trickle by fall.  This claim adjoins the Last Chance claim to the west.

20160604_145131. edjpg
The perennial stream is large enough to run a small sluice.
20160604_154924 ed
Not bad for a short trip to the claims.

A forest service road runs up through the claim, going  about 2/3 of the way up claim, before turning up and over the ridge to the west, and a trail continues up the canyon.  The road is gated, and the gate is locked.  The Forest Service should provide a key, but I don’t know what they will require to get it.

Large, wide high-bar deposits can be found at the base of the canyon, with numerous rock piles from the ground sluicing–gold is often found under these piles.   Gold has also been found in many of the small side gulches that come into the main canyon.

The gold here is typically small granules or chunks, similar to salt and sugar grains and, while not common, small pickers and rice grain sized nuggets have occasionally been found.

Rock piles are common on the wide high bar in Chinaman’s Gulch, a remnant from historical mining and ground sluicing in the area.
20160622_195416 ed
A gold sponge, the product of a few hours of digging into a small pocket on the Riding Tree Claim.


Silver City Idaho

Sorry, but the Silver City, Idaho claims have been Sold!

Silver City was founded in 1863 when placer gold was found in Jordan Creek.  By 1864, attention had turned to the gold veins on Florida and War Eagle Mountains.  Silver City boomed.  It was named Silver City because of the large amount of silver contained in the gold (officially making it electrum).  The town prospered through the 1890’s, then went into decline.  By WW2, the town gave up the ghost, and the copper wires and steel rails were pulled out to supply the war with metal.

In the  late 1970’s, there was renewed interest in the town and the old hotel was restored.  You can now stay in the hotel, get a drink or meal at the bar, or just come in to get warm and look at all of the antiques and souvenirs. Pats What Not Shop across the street also sells arts and crafts, as well as camping supplies.  It is a great town to visit.  There is even free camping at the south end of town.

Mining has also had a resurgence, with Silver Falcon Mining working high on War Eagle, both processing old dumps and trying to re-open some of the old lode mines (including the Sinker Tunnel).

Placer claims now cover the creek and gold is again being mined.

  If interested, please contact:
Alan at 801-561-0121 or email


Tonya Lyne-Karen Denise Claim Group

Claim Group: $7,000. 

Silver City, Idaho
Silver City, Idaho
Old brewery in Silver City, Idaho

For the serious miner:  Five contiguous claims just above Silver City Idaho, including  two placer claims and three lode claims.  Lode Claims are 20 acres each, with exclusions for patented lands and overlapping claims  (Total lode claimed acreage after exclusions is in the range of 40-45 acres).  Placer claims total approximately 110 acres, with exclusions for patented lands (total placer ground after exclusions is around 70-75 acres).  There is overlap between our Lode and Placer claims as the rights on load and placer claims differ).  Total claimed acreage in this group is around 100-105 acres (approximately).

The Wednsday, Thursday and Friday lode claims sit on the north side of War Eagle peak.  The Friday Lode claim is down vein (and directly adjacent) to the Poorman Mine property, which was one of the districts big producers.  Numerous small shafts and adits may be found across all of the claims.

Three days work--1 1/4 oz, plus some nuggets.
1 and 1/4 ounce of nuggets and fines from Silver City claims.

The placer claims consist of two association claims, the Tonya Lyne  and Karen Denise Placers, and compose approximately 70 acres.  These claims have proven to be some of the richest placers in the district over the last 5 years.  The gold found on the claims is fine, generally coming in small granules, and it is very angular as it has not traveled far from its source.  Small nuggets, and pickers, as well as quartz gold is not uncommon.  The claims have a perennial stream, though water levels drop significantly by fall.  Most of the work we have done has been by sluice.  Gold may be found in test pans most anywhere on the claim.  Rich pockets of gold may be found, and we have found 3 of these pockets in the last 6 years.  From these pockets we have produced 10-15 ounces, and have only worked it for an average of about 5-10 days a year.

Not bad for a couple of hours work!!!
Silver City: This was a nice clean-up.

If interested, please contact:

Alan at 801-561-0121 or email

Silver City web version_html_m2535074b

 SOLD Asking Price: $7,000.





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